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Best courses and tutorials on the web
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Machine Learning Interview Preparation
In this course, you’ll learn exactly what to expect during a machine learning interview.

Firebase in a Weekend: Android
This course will teach you when and why to choose Firebase as a backend for your Android application.

Firebase in a Weekend: iOS
Firebase in a Weekend: iOS[]
This course will teach you when and why to choose Firebase as a backend for your iOS application.

Developing Literacy: A Journey from Still Image to Film
Learn how to use still and moving imagery to help develop literacy skills, with this online course for teachers.

Big Data Analytics: Opportunities, Challenges and the Future
We produce more data than ever before. Find out how ‘big data analytics’ can help you make use of it.

Entrepreneurship in Nonprofits
Entrepreneurship in Nonprofits[]
Take a look at the world of social entrepreneurship and familiarize yourself with new concepts and methods of entrepreneurship.

Improving Palliative Care in Care Homes for Older People
Examine how care homes are organised in Europe and how palliative care in care homes can be improved for older people.

Study UK: Prepare to Study and Live in the UK
Be prepared for university study in the UK by familiarising yourself with UK culture and higher education.

Global Health, Conflict and Violence
Understand the role of medical peace work, and consider the role of healthcare workers in times of conflict and violence.

Teaching English Online
Teaching English Online[]
Learn how to transfer your teaching skills to an online context and start teaching English online.

Dementia Care: Living Well as Dementia Progresses
Be prepared for the future - learn to understand dementia as it progresses and how to seek support.

Understanding Financial Statements
Understanding Financial Statements[]
Learn how to make better business decisions with financial information.

Why Planning Your Research Matters
Why Planning Your Research Matters[]
Learn how to plan your research effectively and define your research question.

Why Ethics Matter: Ethical Research
Explore the role ethics plays in research and why it's so important.

Building Your Career in Tomorrow’s Workplace
Learn about the many factors shaping tomorrow’s working world, and create your future by planning the direction of your career.
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